Haarp is Rudi Gottsberger, a musician, audio engineer and video designer who lives in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. Rudi's music is alternative, sometimes dark and controversial and intends to change something in people's minds.

The voice samples he uses refer to artistic, moralistic and political phenomenons. He tries to transport their irritating ambivalence into his music and conserve their explosiveness - reckless and tongue in cheek.

The driving forces in the background are - often modified - sounds of the animal world: crickets, frogs, the bat's sonar.


/// Fluc-fluctuated rooms am Praterstern, a documentary by Armin Faymann. Editing, music composing, sounddesign and mix
by haarp @ studioROT

// "haarp" has a new postpro studio together with "kava" studioROT

/////Comuna under construction a documentary by Oliver Ressler. Location sound, supervisory editor and mix by haarp @ studioROT

///What is Democracy ? A film and Installation by Oliver Ressler. Music composition and sound editing by haarp.